When you work with a professional Kokomo property management company, you want to be sure the services you receive match your expectations. At CRM Properties, we are excited to tell owners about the guarantees we provide. Property management guarantees are important because they do two things:

Give the owner piece of mind and help them feel like things are being taken care of; and,
Hold us accountable to make sure we are doing our job the way we said we would do it.

These are new to our company, and we want to explain why they’re so valuable to owners and landlords.

30 Day Leasing Guarantee30 Day Leasing Guarantee

Our 30 Day Leasing Guarantee is great because it protects your bottom line. You won’t have to worry about losing money on long vacancy periods. Our guarantee says that from the point the property is ready to occupy, we will screen applicants, find a qualified tenant, and place that tenant in the property within 30 days of it being ready.

Lease Fulfillment GuaranteeLease Fulfillment Guarantee

Next, we have a Lease Fulfillment Guarantee which balances the first guarantee. It protects you from the temptation to simply rush someone into your property. We want to place tenants who will pay rent, take care of your home, and fulfill the entire lease term. With this guarantee, we promise the tenant that we place in the property will stay a full 12 months. That gives you great peace of mind that the tenant is not going to leave early. If the tenant does break the lease and leave early, it will not cost you because of this guarantee.

Eviction Protection GuaranteeEviction Protection Guarantee

Owners are often worried about the potential for tenant evictions. With this guarantee, you won’t have to worry about the risk and the expense associated with evictions. If we have to evict a tenant for any reason, all the fees associated with the eviction process are absorbed by us. The owner never has to worry about what an eviction could cost them.

Pet Damage Protection GuaranteePet Damage Protection Guarantee

Our Pet Damage Protection Guarantee states that if we approve the tenant to move in with a pet and that pet does any kind of damage, we will pay for any costs associated with that damage. The pets we place are often well-behaved, but many owners worry about dogs tearing up carpets. If your property needs replacement carpet because of a pet we’ve approved, we will pay for it.

Guarantees Against Sewage LiensGuarantees Against Sewage Liens

In our rental market, tenants have to pay the sewage/trash bill for the property. If the tenant does not pay that, a lien gets placed on the property. With this guarantee, we promise you a lien will never get placed on the property due to the tenant not paying that bill. If for some reason it does, we will pay all the costs associated with removing the lien.

These guarantees are a great addition to our services, and we’re excited to tell you more. Please contact us at CRM Properties.