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Our real estate sales team is here to assist buyers and sellers in Indiana, whether they’re looking for their first investment property or increasing the assets in a growing portfolio. We specialize in working with investors, and we offer a comprehensive, start-to-finish brokerage service that begins with identifying the right opportunity and ends with a profitable sale.

Our Real Estate Partners

We work with local and out-of-state investors to choose the properties that meet their investment goals. Our local market knowledge and industry experience helps us evaluate the home you’re considering and create a rating based on its potential as a rental. We know the tenant pool and what they’re looking for in a property, and we can help you decide what to buy based on how much rent you’ll earn, how much work will be required, and what types of tenants you’ll attract. Our property management clients partner with us to find the best investment properties all over Indiana. We can help you make smart choices leading to better ROI.

What We Offer for Investors

Investment Advice

Smart investors know that it’s not a good idea to go it alone. Even if you’ve been investing in properties for years, getting some local experience and professional advice can lead you towards better decisions and higher profit margins.

That’s why we’re here. At CRM Properties, we’ve been working with investors of all experience levels for years, and we help you evaluate potential properties before you buy and rent them.

Talk to us about your investment property plans. We’ll help you meet and exceed your goals.

We specialize in evaluating properties from the standpoint of a landlord and a tenant. We’ll help you with an analysis of rental value, and we’ll discuss what kinds of upgrades and updates will be necessary to attract the best tenants for the highest prices. We’ll talk about property location and schools, and we’ll put together a plan for acquisition and ongoing professional management. Your investment will be in good hands – even before you close the deal.

Many investors make the mistake of buying a property without getting reliable rental data value. Maximize your investment and talk to us at CRM Properties.

Investment Tools

At CRM Properties, we’ve invested heavily in technology and software, which gives us a unique ability to measure a property’s potential on the rental market. We’ll help you crunch the numbers and make a decision based on your bottom line.

We have the tools and the resources to make the investment experience a smooth one. If you’re not local, don’t worry. We can help you feel like you’re right here.

Pocket listings. Renovation Services. Rental analyses. We have all the tools investors need.

If you’re having trouble selling a property, let us help you find another investor who wants it. Our network is vast and covers a lot of different buyers with a lot of different goals. Many of our clients are actively looking for tenant-occupied investment opportunities, and we can help you form the right relationships when you’re ready to buy or sell real estate. We can buy your home quickly – and in cash.

Single-family homes, multi-family properties; we buy and sell investment real estate in any location and any condition. Talk to us at CRM Properties.

Areas We Serve

Have a Question About Real Estate Investing?

Real estate investing is an excellent way to build some wealth. When you’re renting out the right property, it can even bring you some short-term cash flow. We are happy to be a resource for Indiana investors or out-of-state investors who recognize the value and potential of our market.

Contact us with any questions you have about buying, selling, and renting out residential real estate. At CRM Properties, we have the experience and the local market knowledge to help you make the right decisions and enjoy a successful investment experience.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

4.4 /5
184 Reviews

Google CRM Properties Ryan
Crm is one of my favorite Property Management companys to work for. Bethan i s my contact and is very kind and courteous and also very professional. I would definitely recommend their services to renters and Property owners.
Google CRM Properties Tyler
I have been living in one of the rentals in the North side of Kokomo for just over a year. Let me make you aware of some of the shadyness that has gone down so you might have the chance to make a more informed choice when renting. 1). FEES. Ensure that you read the contract very closely as some fees and the exact prices are listed and a reasonable person would agree to them. What you won't see is that if you have a problem with the HVAC system or breakers and then call someone because it's unreasonably hot it your house they charge you 86$ because you didn't know that the breaker was tripped. (Keep in mind the contractor who wired the house never labeled anything) So being a reasonable person I dispute the charges during the annual pet inspection. (75$ fee for the inspection on top of the 25$ pet fee you pay monthly). Lastly about fees you should know that if you rent a say 600$ a month house like me it's common to end up getting charged an extra 150$-250$ in fees so you really end up paying about 800$ a month on rent for a house that might have a value of 45,000$. Woah! you get into this expecting 625$ with the pet fee and utilities and they throw a 800$+ bill at you during the pandemic, what do you do? Let me tell you what happens! You pay it by any means necessary because they don't care about you and they make sure to let you know! All of your payment goes to fees before it goes to rent! That's right so say you pay 700$ of the 800$ for rent and try to pay the "fees next week" you actually only paid the 200$ in fees and 500$ in rent. They do this so they can get away with charging you late fees for having fees. 2.) Communicating! they advertise that you can communicate effectively with the payment portal, this is not true if you have a question about a fee it won't get answered and then you'll still get charged for that fee! It's perfect! 3.) Value! At the rate in which I am paying rents and attempting to keep up with fees and paying fees on late fees it would be more effective for me to purchase a $200,000 house and pay the mortgage because that's what this is turning into. I don't think this is moral business practice and if you are looking to rent from CRM properties I would say probably not I will probably maintain this for another year and since I can clearly afford 700 plus dollars of rent on a monthly basis I'll buy a house where they can't charge me agreegious fees that are yearly worth more than the property tax that's owed for the property!
Google CRM Properties Passion
I had a breezy move in experience for my very first home thanks to CRM Properties. Amanda Mendenhall was prompt with answering any questions I had as well as contacted me with all necessary steps and information to make my application/document signing process simple. She is eager and not demanding which made me feel confident about purchasing a new home which I already felt a little nervous about as you’d imagine. Also! When I walked in my home right after I got my keys, they had placed a welcome home basket in my kitchen full of some goodies like extra paper towel and a candle. It was a nice surprise and showed how they really put thought into making their clients happy. 🙂
CRM Properties replied:
Thank you so much for the kind words, we're so happy to have helped you find your first home! Please let us know if there's anything else we can do. Thank you!
Google CRM Properties Kendal
Bethany was a really big help in finding a place for my roommate and I! She was realistic with pricing and even gave us options for lease agreements!
Google CRM Properties Keiths
Amanda mendenhall was very helpful and responsive to all my questions and needs. The process was much smoother with her help. I'm grateful for the opportunity and very happy with my home.
CRM Properties replied:
Hi Keith, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for us at CRM Properties. We're so happy we could make this a smooth process for you and hope to continue meeting your expectations!

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